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“I work in both a focused, 

short-term way as well as in 

a deeper, long-term way in 

which we may attempt to 

change aspects of your 

personality that you find 

troubling or self-defeating.”

- Dr. Bob


Ideally therapy will aid you in understanding yourself while offering you relief from feelings of distress and depression. I offer you a safe, secure, and supportive environment in which to do our work. With that established, I complete a thorough assessment that may stretch over the first few sessions. During therapy I work in an “integrative” way, meaning that I draw from all of the appropriate psychological knowledge and theories. This benefits you in that I can match your needs and personality with a therapy approach. I work in both a focused, short-term way as well as in a deeper, long-term way in which we may attempt to change aspects of your personality that you find troubling or self-defeating. Regardless of the method, understanding yourself gives you the power to make changes. Throughout the therapy I encourage your feedback about your experience. In fact I believe your input is crucial. Therapy is typically over when you feel relief from distress, or feel that you have accomplished your goals. Generally you should feel happier and more able to freely live and love. 



Adults aged 18+

Clinical Specialties:

I have had success working with people having these difficulties 

(not in order of preference):



Excessive Worry

Mood Instability and Impulsivity

Bipolar Disorders

Relationship Issues

Gay/Lesbian Issues

Trauma, Recent and Remote

Loss and Grieving


Sexual Compulsivity

Marital Infidelity

Adjustment to Recent Disruption or Loss

Substance Abuse

Domestic Abuse

Chronic Pain and Illness

Major Mental Illness